martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009


My book is about one boy who likes to get money from the rich people to give it to the poor people. As the title said, it takes place in New York.
There are many characters: Mrs Fuller, Sheila, Sam and Simon, rich and bad people and astronauts: Police and President are good people.
My favourite chaper of this story is the first one because it is very interesting but the most important is very short.
I like the ending because the police catch the bad men.
I didn´t like the president because he is bouring,he repeats the same,the same...
I’d recommend this story, it has got many vocabulary.


It’s about one jogger and the police.
It takes place in London.
The main characters are Jim, Susan and Dan.
My favourite part of the story is when the jogger hurts Jim.
I like the whole story.
I’d recommend this book because it is interesting.

By Iñigo N. and Iñigo S.


I have read a book, its name was Robin Hood
It is about one person that has to rescue Lady Marian
It happens in Notingham .I think that Robin and his friends are very brave and clever.
I like the moment when Robin and Lady Marian get married.
And I don’t like the first part.
I like the book because is full of adventures and I like the adventures.


This book is about the whole life of Nelson Mandela that happens mostly in South Africa.

For me Nelson Mandela is the kind of freedom fighter, the kind of man we need in this world and he is a great example to follow

My favourite bit of the story is when South Africa is free and equal ;and the bit I least like is the shooting of Sharpeville because too many people died.

My own ending would be the same but much earlier the South African people deserved what they got at the ending after all they fought for freedom

I would recommend it because its very interesting.

By: Liam